Welcome to PSST and thanks for taking the time to get understand who we are and what we work towards.


I started volunteering with PSST in 2012 and was immediately rewarded with a sense of place.  As an engineer, with limited personal exposure to the challenges of today’s students; I quickly came to realize the need and impact we can make.  Since then, it has been all forward-looking energy. 


There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a student’s eyes ignite with excitement upon mastery of a concept.  Help us brighten our future.  Drop us a message if you’d like to help build tomorrow.


Wayne Novach, PSST Board Vice Chair

The Program

Junior High Mentoring


PSST Jr. High: 6th Grade - Our mission is to encourage students to engage in their education and be
lifelong learners.  We do this through developing a trusting relationship with our students, encouraging them to be self-motivating, thoughtful, aware of the world,
and intellectually inquisitive


High School Mentoring

PSST High School: 9th-12th Grades - provides mentors to help students successfully navigate the academic challenges and decisions of high school.

How do we all benefit when graduation rates increase and the community invests in educational outcomes? Businesses gain employees who have stronger skills. According to the Sonoma County Innovation Council, a 10 percent improvement in Latino education attainment will result in $700 million in increased economic output by 2020. Communities gain productive, contributing residents. Mentors and tutors benefit from the intangible joys of giving back. Families enjoy increased involvement and inclusion in the community. Students gain more productive, satisfying lives. We all win!

About PSST

The 20th Century was called “The American Century,” in large part because the United States led the world in education. More recently, our educational leadership has eroded.


Here in Sonoma County, raising the level of educational attainment among young people has been identified as a most significant challenge.


We intend to meet that compelling challenge in Healdsburg. With your help, we can do it!


The Roots and Growth

PSST was founded in 2009 with thirty fifth graders and a plan to provide support through graduation from high school. We work to meet the needs of our students by developing a dynamic tutoring program focused on math-oriented critical thinking.  In addition, we work on key skills to help students succeed with the rigors of junior high - organization, planning and strategies to find support.  Once the original class reached ninth grade, we integrated a supportive coaching program for grades 9–12, helping students successfully navigate the academic challenges and decisions of high school.

The Future

Thanks to the community volunteers and donors, PSST has enrolled over a hundred students to participate in its programs to promote success in their scholastic achievements and future.

The Program